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About Ballin Industries Apparel

Ballin Industries Apparel

Ballin Industries Apparel is a leading pioneer in community clothing and branding,

The Project Ballin community can be found in many different areas of the web including our Ballin Clothing and Apparel.

Our Custom Canadian & Ballin Apparel Line

At Ballin Industries we commit to give our customers a quality product with the best knowledge and experience we can. This is made possible by the product blog we are now achieving within our e-commerce site.

We understand many people are not confident shopping online when it comes to clothing or anything requiring sizing for that matter, so we make sure that included with all our products are appropriate sizing guides and charts for each product from clothing and apparel items right to snapbacks and headwear.

What We Provide In Terms Of Clothing and Apparel

We provide an assortment of custom styled brands and rebranded items by

At this time we currently make available to purchase the following "staple" items.

  • Ladies Upper Apparel - Tank Tops, Hats & Caps, T-shirts, Sports Bras
  • Ladies Lower Apparel - Leggings, Shorts, Skirts, 
  • Men's Upper Apparel - Polo Shirts, Hats & Cap, T-shirts, Tank Tops T-shirts
  • Men's Lower Apparel - Coming Soon!

Costs associated with our apparel

Current associated costs and what you are paying for when you buy the Ballin Industries Brand.

Initial Product - This is the foundational product cost, for example, the base product and that will always be the item printed on or sold 

Embroidery - Ballin Snapbacks, Flexfit Caps, Fitted Caps, Toques, Beenies and Ballin Industries custom embroidered Polo Shirts.

Shipping - This is the cost of our shipping international and domestic, we charge a flat shipping fee on all products regardless. This is subject to change, but will never see an increase in the future.

Economical Availability

We provide the minimum in all our products meaning you can find that item in a more economical grade if you are shopping on a budget.

This goes for all our "staple" products such as but not limited to the following:

Tanks, Shirts,

Shorts, Leggings

Snapbacks, Fitted Caps, Strapbacks,

24/7 Customer Service

Get ahold of us at anytime!

International Shipping

We ship across the globe, and always vetting our shippers for the best rates!

Same Day Shipping

On currently stocked items, back-ordered items shipped when restocked