Meet The Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Friend & Father. Founder of Ballin Apparel and BallinBabe. Ross not only develops brands but is constantly striving to elevate awareness about Mental Health & Addictions through community projects & recovery culture.

Our Story

Founded loosely in 2018 the story of Ballin Apparel has been that of the underdog. Companies rarely succeed without the support of community and the people that shape them. Our story is no different.

Business Startup

Our founding and more importantly our start-up consisted of myself throwing the last $20 to my name into something I had no idea would work. 

Knowing nothing about business at this time, being I was just freshly retired from trades and the oilfield. I was only equipped with the drive and prowess of an addict and fortunately I was able to insert myself into social media as a voice for those who chose to listen. 

Within 5 years time, and dozens of interviews/podcasts completed the saturation became more real. In the summer of 21' we official incorporated in a limited company. Also taking stake in a handful of other sobriety oriented movements and startups along the way, expanding and making our presence more known with the months to pass.

Fast forward a year later, and we are working with over a dozen independent locations and storefront businesses. These number will surely grow, our work will never be quite done, shaping the world through various programs we plan and hope to launch. We will continually work to build bonds with businesses whose missions align with our own and that is leaving this word in better shape than when we started.
“Every time you do good, correcting a bad decision or a bad choice of words you become a little more brave & every time you make the easy, choice to be an asshole you become a bit more cowardly. If you are a CEO, these choices will lead to a courageous or cowardly company.”

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We arent in the wholesale business... 

We are in the fashion design and customer service business. We do not sell repeat buy products, when you purchase from us you purchase our word that what you buy will last!

Constantly Evolving.

Explore our creative journey, from our early days of a print on demand brand, through our growth into a global apparel label. 

Our business isn't so much as business as it is a story. One that many of costumers are proud to be involved in.. our reviews don't lie! 

Partnering With Local business.

There is no strength like community, and its why we are proud to partner with our businesses who share the same mission. 

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